We Bought A House!

Your donations will contribute to the freedom, hope, restoration, and basic needs of kids age 12-18 who are survivors of sexual exploitation.
Donate today and help us open our Freedom House in 2017.


Upcoming Events

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Join us for an open house reception at the Mission Café inside Elmbrook Church on Saturday, January 28 between 2:30-4:30 pm. An update on Exploit No More’s goal of providing a home for minor victims of sex trafficking will be given at 3 & 4 pm.

Take the opportunity to learn more about this issue plaguing Southeastern Wisconsin. Meet Jarrett Luckett, new Executive Director of Exploit No More, an Elmbrook Church partner organization dedicated to ending child sex trafficking in our area.

Freedom Is Coming…

The Issue

Human trafficking is often perceived as a problem that only happens overseas. The reality is that it happens here in the United States. It happens in every Wisconsin county. It happens in our backyard of Milwaukee. 79% of human trafficking cases in Wisconsin occur in Milwaukee. 92% of the Milwaukee cases involve female youth.

Our Mission

3 years ago, we made it our mission to end child sex trafficking in the Greater Milwaukee Region.

Exploit No More is dedicated to ending child sex trafficking in the Greater Milwaukee region. ENM works with private, public, and other non-profit community organizations dedicated to serving youth and eradicating child sex trafficking.

Motivated by the love of Jesus, Exploit No More’s mission is to dismantle the local sex trade of children using three key approaches:

The issue of human trafficking has been hidden far too long. ENM provides strategic training and prevention education that sheds light on the issue.

The policies and services that exist in Milwaukee do not adequately support the change that is necessary. ENM provides victim-centered advocacy and policy recommendations that do.

Human trafficking destroys human dignity. ENM is working to provide long-term residential and community-based aftercare to restore lives.

Our Impact


In 3 short years ENM has provided training and prevention education, legislative advocacy and crisis help. We have made significant strides in each mission objective.


Housing is one of the toughest challenges in stopping child sex trafficking, due to the enormous cost and time needed to even have a home, hire staff, and stay operational.


Freedom restored. Love and hope poured into the kids under our care….all because of you! Thank you for being committed to fighting with us by supporting our mission!


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