November Update from Our Executive Director

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In just my short time as Executive Director of Exploit No more, I have seen the heart our community stirring. While much work is left to be done to end the industrialized sexual exploitation of children in our neighborhoods, momentum is building to end this tragedy in and around Milwaukee. Legal advocates are joining together to address gaps in the justice system, the media is bringing much needed attention to the issue, and many of you have reached out to learn how you can take action. (As an example, nearly 200 people attended our Awareness + Advocacy Workshop in October!)

In my first few weeks as chief relationship and strategy builder for our coalition, my work has been two-fold: First, I’ve set out to listen. Listen to the stories of survivors. Glean from the experiences and best practices of clinicians. Understand the work of political leaders in this arena. This strategy has better equipped me to propel our vision forward and partner with others to address the systemic issues that have kept our community from adequately combating the evil of child rape.


Second, I’ve hit the ground running with our vision for a place of healing and safety for juvenile victims. I’ve started work on licensing and have begun scouting properties. It is an exciting time of strategic planning for our leadership team! For more updates on where we’ve been and where we’re headed with the safehouse, please be sure to join us at Elmbrook Church on November 21.

Along the way, I have partnered with organizations, news outlets, and advocates to shed light on the plight of victims in Milwaukee. The more we inform ourselves and our friends about the truths surrounding this issue— no matter how difficult or disturbing the facts may be— the better equipped we will be to address all of the moving parts of this deeply imbedded system of injustice.

Hope to see you on November 21st.

Grateful to have you with us in this work,




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  1. As a member of Rahab global Inc. ‘s board which is the US arm of Fundacion Rahab -Costa Rica I am interested in the work you are doing locally in the state.

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