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January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Join us for an open house reception at the Mission Café inside Elmbrook Church on Saturday, January 28 between 2:30-4:30 pm. An update on Exploit No More’s goal of providing a home for minor victims of sex trafficking will be given at 3 & 4 pm.

Take the opportunity to learn more about this issue plaguing Southeastern Wisconsin. Meet Jarrett Luckett, new Executive Director of Exploit No More, an Elmbrook Church partner organization dedicated to ending child sex trafficking in our area.

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Thursday, January 12th at 7:30am
Fighting For Freedom: Human Trafficking on a Local and Global Scale

Watch the live chat here:

Don’t worry if you can’t watch at the live time. You can use the same link to watch the replay!

Host: Milwaukee Global Shapers, Exploit No More

Join the Milwaukee Global Shapers, Exploit No More, and experts from around the country to discuss global human trafficking and efforts to help bring freedom to victims.

Panelists include: Nancy Winston (Senior Director and member of Shared Hope’s Emeritus Board), Alicia Bush (Founder & CEO, Treasured Vessels Foundation), and Rebekah Stines (Training Director and Consultant, MTS & Princess Lost Curricula)

Stay tuned for more programming details, and check out the discussion page for more information on our panelists.

More about the host:
The Global Shapers Community is a network of Hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements, and their drive to make a contribution to their communities. As an initiative of the World Economic Forum, with over 400 hubs globally, Shapers are improving the state of the world. For more information go to, https://www.globalshapers.org/

More about the panel:

Nancy |Senior Director | Shared Hope’s Emeritus Board.

Nancy has long been active in the movement against sex trafficking and has worked alongside Linda Smith, founder of Shared Hope International, since 2002.

Nancy’s diverse responsibilities include speaking, writing, training, donor interactions, restorative shelter initiatives, and partner relationships. Since 2008, she has been a member of the Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force Victim Services Committee. She served as chair of the task force’s Legislative Committee in 2012 and 2013 and received the Governor’s Service Award for Volunteerism in 2013 for her leadership in that role. Nancy received her Masters in Social Work in December 2014.

Find out more about Shared Hope International’s work at:

Alicia Bush | Founder and Executive Director | Treasured Vessels

Alicia Bush is a native Texan, born and raised in Texarkana. From there she traveled to University of North Texas and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Biology/Chemistry. Having considered medical school, Alicia had a leaning for the healing arts. Thus, she positioned herself in surgical device sales. This placed her in the operating room every day. She distinguished herself from her peers by her profound caring for each individual patient’s best care. It was this characteristic that gained the trust and respect of surgeons across north Texas. And thus she rose to be a top ten salesperson nationwide year after year.

Alicia was always able to compartmentalize her professional and personal life. In her personal life he became the wife of a successful custom home builder, mother of three, and dedicated leader in her church. When the demands of these roles increased, she was unequivocal in making the decision to resign her sales position in 2014. With time to homeschool her children and expand her role as a worship leader, she also listened intently to a calling placed on her heart. Out of this was founded Treasured Vessels Foundation, a 501(c)3 not for profit corporation.

The mission of Treasured Vessels is to build residential treatment facilities for underage girls rescued from sex trafficking. The mission statement is: TVF is devoted to providing a safe place for healing and growth. We have a passion for restoring purpose and value to the perfectly imperfect.

Sex trafficking is the fastest growing industry in the USA. Texas is a hub with Dallas and Houston being among the most actively involved cities. On any given night, 400 under-aged girls will be sold for sex in Dallas. Their age ranges from 11 to 13 when they are stolen or coerced into “The Life”. They are subjected to a programmed degradation of mind, body, and spirit until they willingly obey. Once trapped in “The Life”, their life expectancy is 11 years. If lucky enough to be rescued, they will need 18 to 36 months of residential treatment. But for most…. there is nowhere to go…. except back to “The Life”.

Treasured Vessels will change this, and Alicia Bush is leading the effort.

Rebekah Stines | MSPC, LPC Intern
Training Director and Consultant | MTS & Princess Lost Curricula

Rebekah has a great passion for working with women who have been sexually exploited, abused and traumatized. She holds her master’s degree in professional counseling and currently works as a clinician for Western Psychological & Counseling Center in Tigard, OR. Prior to moving to Portland, Rebekah was part of a private practice, Journey’s Counseling Center, in Tempe, AZ and a part time therapist for Calvary Addiction Recovery in central Phoenix.

Rebekah enjoys mentoring survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and leads professional Mending the Soul groups. Rebekah has been involved with Mending the Soul for many years as a participant, trainee, trainer, facilitator and mentor of women who have experienced all forms of abuse, trauma and commercial sexual exploitation.

Rebekah loves sharing how God has redeemed the pain in her own life to encourage others as they begin their healing journey. Rebekah and her husband, Michael currently live in Portland, OR. They have three beautiful and energetic children and love spending time together as a family.

For more info on Mending the Soul go to: https://mendingthesoul.org/