Exploit No More Announces New Executive Director

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We are excited to announce that we have a new Executive Director, Jarrett Luckett. As you may recall, former Executive Director, Katie Linn moved across the country due to her husband’s career. With this departure, we are lucky to have Luckett join us for our next growth phase.

He is a native of Milwaukee and comes equipped with experience raising awareness and increasing philanthropic activity for this cause. Most recently with Aurora Health Care, Luckett also has over seven years of experience in healthcare from Activity Director to focusing on organizational development. He is also a member of a global group of top leaders called, “The Global Shapers” – an initiative of the World Economic Forum.

“We are excited to have Luckett on board. His business experience and leadership skills will propel our organization into the next phase,” says Jason Butler, ENM President and Lead Pastor at Transformation City Church.

Luckett’s experience will come in handy as ENM continues working towards providing a residential aftercare house, one of only three in Milwaukee and a handful in the nation. Exploit No More will provide housing, services, and support to aid in freeing young women from the grips of sexual exploitation, to give them a second chance at their childhood and life.

Luckett’s new role will focus on three areas:

  • Aftercare: A home facility where juvenile victims of sexual exploitation can go to receive long-term residential care and love.
  • Awareness: Training the public and law enforcement to identify potential trafficking situations.
  • Advocacy: Strive to implement victim-centered law protection policies

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