10 Prayers for Human Trafficking in 2017

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Of the 27 million people living in slavery today, its estimated that only one percent will be rescued. Our fight against modern-day slavery must begin with prayer. Here are 10 key things you can be praying for this coming year. 1. For misconceptions about human trafficking to be changed. It is often times assumed that slavery only takes place in … Read More

Exploit No More Announces New Executive Director

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We are excited to announce that we have a new Executive Director, Jarrett Luckett. As you may recall, former Executive Director, Katie Linn moved across the country due to her husband’s career. With this departure, we are lucky to have Luckett join us for our next growth phase. He is a native of Milwaukee and comes equipped with experience raising … Read More

Survivor Advocate Stories

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  Conversations about sex trafficking – whether they be a few minutes or a few hours presentation – often leave people with a sense of hopelessness and despair. With so much information to absorb, it can be difficult to move past the darkness to see the hope and light for survivors of trafficking. Women and men who are recovered and … Read More

Youth Making a Difference in the Fight Against Trafficking

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  One of the most frequent questions that people have after learning about sex trafficking worldwide and locally is “What can I do?”.  For those who are not actively involved on the ‘front lines’ in justice and aftercare, there can often feel as if small efforts may be inadequate in the fight. However, raising awareness within our communities, fighting for … Read More

Youth Prevention Programs

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  The more knowledge that is uncovered about domestic minor sex trafficking, the more people question how we can prevent these young girls from being victimized and trafficked in the first place. While some at-risk youth may already have knowledge of trafficking, as they may have seen it happen to their family or friends, others have never heard of sex … Read More

Exploit No More’s 2015 Highlights

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  In Wisconsin, there is more work to be done than there are people to do the work. There have been many organizations and leaders in Milwaukee and throughout the state who have recognized the trafficking that is happening in our own communities, however in order to end the commercial sex industry in Wisconsin for good, more people need to … Read More

Child Pornography and Trafficking

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  As we address the demand side of domestic minor sex trafficking, it is important to discuss how prevalent pornography, and specifically child pornography, is within today’s culture. This issue has been highlighted in recent news, as high profile celebrities and spokesmen have been arrested and sentenced for possession of child pornography. However, what few may realize is that within … Read More

How Entertainment and Media Affects the Mindset about Trafficking

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  There is no question that media and entertainment have a deep and profound impact on youth, the way that they view the world, and how they interact with it. From a very young age, they are continually bombarded with images and sounds that shape their worldview – from the music that they listen to, the movies and television shows … Read More

John Schools Help to Reduce Recidivism Among Those Who Solicit Sex

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  When working to end domestic child sex trafficking, it can often feel overwhelming in determining where to focus efforts and how to make the greatest impact. While there is a crucial need for services in all areas to end trafficking and in helping survivors on their road to recovery, one of the greatest needs is in addressing the demand … Read More

Survival Sex and Male Exploitation

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  This week, we have been looking at a number of different types of sex trafficking that youth can fall victim to. While there are a few others, they are not as common as the ones discussed this week. While some of the information is becoming more well-known in the United States, there are still other types of exploitation – … Read More